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Publications of the Bryological group


This section lists all publications of our team, categorized by the main topic. The lists for the individual team members can be found under their profiles.


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 Fedosov V., Fedorova A., Ignatova E. & Kučera J. 2023. New Taxonomic Arrangement of Dicranella s.l. and Aongstroemia s.l. (Dicranidae, Bryophyta). – Plants 12(6): 1360  (www link)

 Müller F., Kučera J. & He S. 2023. Trolliella Herzog, a new synonym of Pylaisia Schimp. (Pylaisiaceae,Herzog, a new synonym of Pylaisia Schimp. (Pylaisiaceae, Bryophyta) and Pylaisia euendostoma (Herzog) Frank Müll., Jan Kučera & S.He, comb. nov.. – Journal of Bryology, online early, doi:10.1080/03736687.2023.2278874  (www link)

 Ottley T., Kučera J., Blockeel T., & Langton J. 2023. A molecular and morphological study of Leucobryum in Britain and Europe: the presence of L. albidum (P.Beauv.) Lindb. confirmed. – Journal of Bryology, doi:10.1080/03736687.2023.2188389  (www link)

 Porley R.D., Bell D. & Kučera J. 2023. Marsupella lusitanica (Gymnomitriaceae, Marchantiophyta), a New Species of Sect. Ustulatae from Mountain Ranges of Portugal. – Plants 12(7):1468  (www link)

 Fedosov V.E., Shkurko A.V., Fedorova A.V., Ignatova E.A., Solovyeva E.N., Brinda J.C., Ignatov M.S. & Kučera J. 2022. Need for split: integrative taxonomy reveals unnoticed diversity in the subaquatic species of Pseudohygrohypnum (Pylaisiaceae, Bryophyta). – PeerJ 10:e13260 https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.13260  (www link)

 Fedosov V. E., Fedorova A. V., Larraín J., Santos M. B., Stech M., Kučera J., Brinda J. C., Tubanova D. Y., Von Konrat M., Ignatova E. A., & Ignatov M. S. 2021. Unity in diversity: phylogenetics and taxonomy of Rhabdoweisiaceae (Dicranales, Bryophyta). – Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 195(4): 545-567  (www link)

 Fedosov V.E., Ignatova E.A., Fedorova A.V. & Kučera J. 2021. Microamblystegium – a new genus of Amblystegiaceae from Shikotan Island (South Kurils, Russian Far East). – Arctoa 30(2): 417-424  (www link)

 Kiebacher T., Köckinger H. & Kučera J. 2021. Adaptive divergence in the neglected alpine moss Lewinskya killiasii (Orthotrichaceae), an example of vicariance on different rock types in bryophytes. – Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 198(4): 456-481, doi:10.1093/botlinnean/boab060  (www link)

 Kučera J., Ignatova E.A., Ignatov M.S., Fedorova A.V., Kuznetsova O.I. & Fedosov V.E.  2021. Rauiella thuidioides, sp. nov. (Leskeaceae, Musci), a new species from the Russian Far East. – Arctoa 30(2): 425-433  (www link)

 Ottley T., Blockeel T.L. & Kučera J. 2021. Bryoerythrophyllum campylocarpum (Müll.Hal.) H.A.Crum, a tropical and subtropical moss new to Ireland and Britain. – Journal of Bryology 43(4): 321-329, doi:10.1080/03736687.2021.2006994  (www link)

 Ignatov M.S., Kučera J., Hedenäs L., Kuznetsova O.I. & Ignatova E.A. 2020. A revision of the genus Orthothecium (Plagiotheciaceae, Bryophyta) in northern Eurasia. – Arctoa 29: 10-48.  (www link)

 Kučera J. & Hedenäs L. 2020. Revisiting the genus Campyliadelphus (Amblystegiaceae, Bryophyta). – Nova Hedwigia, Beih. 150: 165-178.  (www link)

 Kučera J. & Ignatov M. S. 2020. Corrigendum to: "A phylogenetic revision of the genus Hypnum: Towards completion" [in Taxon 68: 628–660. 2019]. – Taxon 68(6): 1383.  (www link)

 Kučera J. & Ignatova E. A. 2020. Herzogiella. – In: Ignatov M.S:, ed., Moss flora of Russia. Vol. 5. Hypopterygiales – Hypnales (Plagiotheciaceae – Brachytheciaceae), p. 56–63. – KMK Scientific Press Ltd., Moscow

 Kučera J., Sollman P., Afonina O.M., Ignatova E.A., Fedosov V.E., Shevock J.R., Tubanova D.Ya. & Ignatov M.S. 2020. Range extensions for Bryoerythrophyllum sollmanianum and Tortula yuennanensis (Pottiaceae, Musci) with reconsideration of their phylogenetic affinities including Pararhexophyllum, gen. nov.. – Nova Hedwigia, Beih. 150: 273-292.  (www link)

 Kuznetsova O.I. (ed.), Brinda J.C., Fedorova A.V., Fedosov V.E., Ignatov M.S., Ignatova E.A. & Kučera J. 2020. Bryophyte molecular barcoding records. 2. – Arctoa 29: 72-74.  (www link)

 Sollman, P., Kučera J., Shevock J.R., Ma W.-Z. & Long D.G. 2020. Additions and Taxonomic Insights Regarding Several Rarely or Newly Reported Pottiaceous Mosses of China Primarily from the Hengduan Mountains, Easternmost Himalayas. – Chenia 14: 1-44.

 Blockeel T. & Kučera J. 2019. Notes from the BBS Workshop on Didymodon, 2018. – Field Bryology 121: 23-30.  (pdf  0 kB)  (www link)

 Ignatova E. A., Ignatov M. S., Fedorova A. V. & Kučera J. 2019. New Asian localities of Hymenostylium xerophilum and H. gracillimum. – Arctoa, a Journal of Bryology, 28: 149–158.  (www link)

 Inoue Y., Kučera J., Kubo H. & Tsubota H. 2019. Barbula chenia (Pottiaceae) new to Japan. – Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica 70(3): 195-199  (www link)

 Kiebacher T., Lüth M., Lüth V. & Kučera J. 2019. Morphological and Molecular Evidence for Synonymy of Cinclidotus confertus Lüth with C. riparius (Host ex Brid.) Arn.. – Cryptogamie, Bryologie 40(20): 259-269.  (www link)

 Kučera J., Kuznetsova O. I., Manukjanová A., & Ignatov M. S. 2019. A phylogenetic revision of the genus Hypnum: Towards completion. – Taxon 68(4): 628–660.  (www link)

 Kučera J., Blockeel T.L., Erzberger P., Papp B., Soldán Z., Vellak K., Werner O. & Ros R.M. 2018. The Didymodon tophaceus complex (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) revisited: New data support the subspecific rank of currently recognized species. – Cryptogamie, Bryologie, 39(2): 241-257  (www link)

 Blockeel T.L., Kučera J. & Fedosov V.E. 2017. Bryoerythrophyllum duellii (Bryophyta: Pottiaceae), a new moss species from Greece and Cyprus, and its molecular affinities. – Journal of Bryology 39(3): 247-254.  (www link)

 Carter B.E., Larraín J., Manukjanová A., Shaw B., Shaw A.J., Heinrichs J., de Lange P., Suleiman M., Thouvenot L. & von Konrat M. 2017. Species delimitation and biogeography of a southern hemisphere liverwort clade, Frullania subgenus Microfrullania (Frullaniaceae, Marchantiophyta). – Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 107: 16-26  (www link)

 Afonina O. M., Czernyadjeva I. V., Ignatova E. A. & Kučera J. 2016. Didymodon australasiae (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta), a new species for Russia. – Arctoa 25: 116–118  (www link)

 Ignatov M. S., Abakarova A. S., Alekseev P. I. & Kučera J. 2016. Cynodontium eocenicum, a new moss from the Baltic Amber. – Arctoa 25: 236–240.  (www link)

 Köckinger H. & Kučera J. 2016. Brachythecium funkii Schimp. and B. japygum (Głow.) Köckinger & Jan Kučera comb. nov., two Alpine species hitherto included in B. cirrosum (Schwägr.) Schimp. – Journal of Bryology 38: 267–285.  (www link)

 Kučera J. & Váňa J. 2016. Schistochilopsis opacifolia (Culm. ex Meyl.) Konstant. v Krkonoších. – Bryonora 57: 1-8  (www link)

 Kučera J. & Ignatov M. S. 2015. Revision of phylogenetic relationships of Didymodon sect. Rufiduli (Pottiaceae, Musci) . – Arctoa 24: 79-97.  (pdf  0 kB)  (www link)

 Ignatova E. A., Kučera J., Kuznetsova O. I. & Ignatov M. S. 2013. First record of Hydrogonium gregarium (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) in Russia: an interesting extension of the species’ distribution to the heart of the permafrost zone. – Polish Botanical Journal 58: 565-572.  (pdf  0 kB)  (www link)

 Kučera J., Košnar J. & Werner O. 2013. Partial generic revision of Barbula (Musci: Pottiaceae): Re-establishment of Hydrogonium and Streblotrichum, and the new genus Gymnobarbula. – Taxon 62(1): 21–39.  (www link)

 Werner O., Rams S., Kučera J., Larraín J., Afonina O. M., Pisa S. & Ros R. M. 2013. New data on the moss genus Hymenoloma (Bryophyta), with special reference to H. mulahaceni. – Cryptogamie Bryologie 34(1): 1-18.  (www link)

 Köckinger H., Kučera J., Hofmann H., Müller N. & Amann G. 2012. Barbula consanguinea, discovered in Switzerland and Austria, with a revision of former European records of B. indica. – Herzogia 25(1): 61–70.  (www link)

 Košnar J., Herbstová M., Kolář F., Koutecký P. & Kučera J. 2012. A case study of intragenomic ITS variation in bryophytes: Assessment of gene flow and role of polyploidy in the origin of European taxa of the Tortula muralis (Musci: Pottiaceae) complex. – Taxon 61(4):709-720  (www link)

 Redchenko O., Vondrák J., Košnar J. 2012. The oldest sequenced fungal herbarium sample. – Lichenologist 44: 715-718.  (www link)

 Köckinger H. & Kučera J. 2011. Hymenostylium xerophilum, sp. nov., and H. gracillimum, comb. nov., two neglected European mosses and their molecular affinities. – Journal of Bryology 33: 195-209.  (www link)

 Košnar J. & Kučera J. 2010. The taxonomic identity and typification of Barbula montenegrina Breidl. & Szyszyl. (Bryopsida, Pottiaceae). – Journal of Bryology 32: 275-278.  (www link)

 Košnar J., Košnar J., Herbstová M., Macek P., Rejmánková E., Štech M. 2010. Natural hybridization in tropical spikerushes of Eleocharis subgenus Limnochloa (Cyperaceae): evidence from morphology and DNA markers. – American Journal of Botany, 97: 1229-1240.  (www link)

 Košnar J. & Kolář F. 2009. A taxonomic study of selected European taxa of the Tortula muralis (Pottiaceae, Musci) complex: variation in morphology and ploidy level. – Preslia 81: 399–421  (pdf  0 kB)  (www link)

 Köckinger H. & Kučera J. 2007. Barbula amplexifolia (Mitt.) A.Jaeger in Europe. – Journal of Bryology 29: 33-40  (pdf  0 kB)

 Köckinger H., Kučera J. & Stebel A. 2005. Pohlia nutans subsp. schimperi (Müll.Hal.) Nyholm, a neglected Nordic moss in Central Europe. – Journal of Bryology 27: 351-355.  (pdf  0 kB)

 Kučera J., Holyoak D. T. 2005. Lectotypification of Bryum moravicum Podp. (Bryopsida: Bryaceae). – Journal of Bryology 27: 161-168.  (pdf  0 kB)

 Kučera J. 2002. Illustrerad bestämningsnyckel till Didymodon i norra Europa. – Myrinia 12: 1-40.

 Kučera J. 2000. Illustrierter Bestimmungschlüssel zu den mitteleuropäischen Arten der Gattung Didymodon. – Meylania 19: 2-49.

 Kučera J. 2000. Co víme o rodu Schistidium?. – Bryonora 25: 2-9.

 Kučera J., Köckinger H. 2000. The identity of Grimmia andreaeoides Limpr. and Didymodon subandreaeoides (Kindb.) R.H. Zander. – Journal of Bryology, 22(1): 49-54.  (pdf  0 kB)

 Kučera J. 1998. Klíč na určování českých zástupců rodu Didymodon Hedw., s poznámkami k rozšíření a ekologii jednotlivých druhů.. – Bryonora 22: 2-8.


Molecular ecology


 Hedenäs L., Collart F., Heras P., Infante M., Kooijman A. & Kučera J. 2022. Distributions and habitats of the two partly allopatric cryptic species of the vulnerable moss Hamatocaulis vernicosus (Bryophyta) in Europe. – Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 200(2): 233–254, doi: 10.1093/botlinnean/boac011  (www link)

 Manukjanová A., Košnar J. & Kučera J. 2020. Genetic variation in two cryptic species of the rare fen moss Hamatocaulis vernicosus in the Czech Republic. – Preslia 92: 57–72.  (www link)

 Manukjanová A., Štechová T. & Kučera J. 2019. Expressed Sex Ratio in Populations of the Moss Hamatocaulis vernicosus (Mitt.) Hedenäs (Scorpidiaceae) in the Czech Republic with Consideration of its Cryptic Species. – Cryptogamie, Bryologie 40(6): 41-58.  (www link)

 Vanderpoorten A., Patiño J., Desamoré A., Laenen B., Gorski P., Papp B., Holá E., Korpelainen H., & Hardy O. 2019. To what extent are bryophytes efficient dispersers?. – Journal of Ecology 107(5): 2149-2154  (www link)

 Manukjanová A., Košnar J. & Kučera J. 2018. Microsatellite primers for the cryptic species of the moss Hamatocaulis vernicosus and methods for their quick barcoding. – Journal of Bryology 40(3): 302-305  (www link)

 Nieto-Lugilde M, Werner O., McDaniel S.F., Koutecký P., Kučera J., Rizk S.M. & Ros R.M. 2018. Peripatric speciation associated with genome expansion and female-biased sex ratios in the moss genus Ceratodon. – American Journal of Botany 105(6): 1009-1020  (www link)

 Holá E., Kocková J. & Těšitel J. 2017. DNA barcoding as a tool for identification of host association of root-hemiparasitic plants. – Folia Geobotanica 52: 227–238.  (www link)

 Holá E., Košnar J. & Kučera J. 2015. Comparison of Genetic Structure of Epixylic Liverwort Crossocalyx hellerianus between Central European and Fennoscandian Populations. – PLoS ONE 10(7): e0133134  (www link)




 Doležal J., Dančák M., Kučera J., Majeský L., Altman J., Řeháková K., Čapková K., Vondrák J., Fibich P. & Liancourt P. 2022. Fire, climate and biotic interactions shape diversity patterns along an Afrotropical elevation gradient. – Journal of Biogeography49(7): 1248-1259.  (www link)

 Peterka T., Tichý L., Horsáková V., Hájková P., Coufal R., Petr L., Dítě D., Hradílek Z., Hrivnák R., Jiroušek M., Plášek V., Plesková Z., Singh P., Šmerdová E., Štechová T., Mikulášková E., Horsák M. & Hájek M. 2022. The long history of rich fens supports persistence of plant and snail habitat specialists. – Biodiversity and Conservation 31(1): 39-57  (www link)

 Singh P., Hájková P., Jiroušek M., Lizoňová Z., Peterka T., Plesková Z., Šímová A., Šmerdová E., Štechová T., & Hájek M. 2022. Can Sphagnum removal reverse the undesired succession of rich fens under different alkalinity and fertility levels?. – Ecological Applications 32: doi:10.1002/eap.2691  (www link)

 Vítovcová K., Lipárová J., Manukjanová A., Vašutová M., Vrba P., & Prach K. 2021. Biodiversity restoration of formerly extracted raised bogs: vegetation succession and recovery of other trophic groups. – Wetlands Ecology and Management, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11273-021-09847-z  (www link)

 Záleská T., Holá E., Kučera J., Grill S., Šmilauer P. & Štechová T.  2021. Mowing and disturbance increase survival rates of three rare moss species of fen meadows. – Folia Geobotanica 56: 167-177, doi:10.1007/s12224-021-09398-4  (www link)

 Peterka T., Hájková P., Mikulášková E., Aunina L., Dítě D., Pawlikowski P., Štechová T., & Hájek M. 2020. Vegetation affinity of the moss species Meesia triquetra, Paludella squarrosa, Pseudocalliergon trifarium and Scorpidium scorpioides across European regions. – Nova Hedwigia, Beihefte, 150: 133-158.  (www link)

 Singh P., Ekrtová E., Holá E., Štechová T., Grill S., & Hájek M. 2020. Restoration of rare bryophytes in degraded rich fens: The effect of sod-and-moss removal. – Journal for Nature Conservation, online early, doi:10.1016/j.jnc.2020.125928  (www link)

 Vicherová E., Glinwood R., Hájek T., Šmilauer P., & Ninkovic V. 2020. Bryophytes can recognize their neighbours through volatile organic compounds. – Scientific Reports 10: 7405.  (www link)

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 Manukjanová A., Koutecký P., Štechová T. & Kučera J. 2019. Insights into the distribution patterns, habitat and morphologic differentiation of cryptic species of the moss Hamatocaulis vernicosus in the Czech Republic. – Herzogia 32: 183–199.  (www link)

 Peterka T., Hájek M., Dítě D., Hájková P., Palpurina S., Goia I., Grulich V., Kalníková V., Plesková Z., Šímová A. & Štechová T. 2018. Relict occurrences of boreal brown-moss quaking rich fens in the Carpathians and adjacent territories. – Folia Geobotanica, doi: 10.1007/s12224-018-9318-3  (www link)

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 Hofmeister J., Hošek J., ..., Holá E., et al. 2015. Value of old forest attributes related to cryptogam species richness in temperate forests: A quantitative assessment. – Ecological Indicators 57: 497–504  (www link)

 Hofmeister J., Hošek J., Holá E. & Novozámská E. 2015. Decline in bryophyte diversity in predominant types of central European managed forests. – Biodiversity and Conservation doi:10.1007/s10531-015-0863-2  (www link)

 Vicherová E., Hájek M., & Hájek T. 2015. Calcium intolerance of fen mosses: Physiological evidence, effects of nutrient availability and successional drivers. – Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 17(5): 347-359  (www link)

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Checklists/Red lists


 Hodgetts N. G., Söderström L., Blockeel T. L., et al. (incl. Kučera J.) 2020. An annotated checklist of bryophytes of Europe, Macaronesia and Cyprus. – Journal of Bryology 42(1): 1-116.  (www link)

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Floristic contributions


 Ellis L.T., Afonina O.M., Ah-Peng C., ... Kučera J., et al. 2023. New National and Regional Bryophyte Records, 72. – Journal of Bryology 2023, doi:10.1080/0373668  (www link)

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